🎤 Invited Talks

  • Bloomberg Black in Tech (BBiT) Lab, 6 July 2022
    • NLP in Finance
    • An invited talk to the external diversity and inclusion Bloomberg Black in Tech community focusing on the high-level NLP technology Bloomberg uses in various finance applications.
  • Contribute-athon Global 2021, 21 October 2021
    • Meta-Transfer Learning for Code-Switched Speech Recognition
    • An invited talk to the Contribute-athon Global, an event held by Mozilla about using CommonVoice dataset in speech research.
  • Nusantech, September 2020
    • Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Deep Learning
    • A talk about the current trend of NLP and its challenges

🏫 Lectures

  • Transfer Learning Approaches on Speech and Language Understanding
    • Lecture in IF6082 Natural Language Processing Course at Institut Teknologi Bandung, 15 March 2021
    • An invited talk to graduate students in the Natural Language Processing postgraduate-level course on the natural language understanding topic.